S2T 2016+ Camaro Paddle Shifter Instructions
Instruction Manual: Chevrolet Camaro 2016+ Paddle Shifters

Thank you for purchasing S2T Performance Paddle Shifters for your vehicle.  We hope you enjoy them and the benefit they add to your driving pleasure as much as we have enjoyed creating them for you.  These paddle shifters are made from the highest quality aluminum and are manufactured at our facility right here in the USA.

#1. Disable the SIR (Supplemental Inflatable Restraint) Airbag system.  Disconnect the negative battery cable and pull the SIR Airbag fuse (please refer to factory repair manual).
Congratulations!  Your new S2T Performance Paddle Shifters are now installed.

Disclaimer: In certain driving situations the S2T Performance Paddle Shifter Extensions may cause interference with the headlamp and windshield washer multi-function levers in some vehicles.  S2T Performance recommends that the headlamp high-beam function and the operation of the windshield washer system should only be used while the steering wheel in its straight upright position.

As with all S2T Performance Products, these paddle shifters are designed for off-road use only and are not intended for street use.  We are not responsible for any damage, injury, and, or any other liabilities caused by improper use or installation of this product.
#2. On the side of the steering wheel there are two circular openings, place the wheel so that one opening is on top.
#3. Using a blunt-ended tool, push the spring fastener inward through the access hole.  Repeat the process for the remaining side.
#4. Turn the steering wheel upside down and rest the airbag on top of the wheel.  Disconnecting the Airbag is unnecessary.
#5. Gently remove the steering wheel spoke cover by releasing the retaining tabs on the cover.  Disconnect the electrical connections
#6. Remove screw securing the paddle shifter switch module.  Disconnect the electrical connector (Repeat this process for the other side).
#7. Locate the access window on the reverse side of the paddle shifter switch module.  Insert a small flat-head screwdriver through window and push upwards on the paddle shifter pivot pin.
#8. Pullout the pivot pin from assembly and separate the paddle from the switch module.  Please be careful not to lose the spring or spring guide from the OEM assembly.  They will be reused during reassembly (Repeat this process for the other side).
#9. Insert the spring and guide into the S2T Performance Paddle Shifter and insert this assembly into the switch module.  Insert the OEM pivot pin.  Press on the Paddle Shifter assembly to check for proper operation (Repeat this process for the other side).
#10. Reinstall the Paddle Shifter assembly into the steering wheel and secure with OEM screw and reconnect the electrical connection (Repeat this process for the other side).
#11. Reinstall the steering wheel spoke cover and reconnect the electrical connections.
#12. Straighten the steering wheel and reinstall the SIR Airbag.  Please make sure the Airbag locks into place on both sides