Instruction Manual: Camaro 2010-2011 Paddle Shifters

Thank you for purchasing S2T Performance Paddle Shifters for your vehicle.  We hope you enjoy them and the benefit they add to your driving pleasure as much as we have enjoyed creating them for you.  These paddle shifters are made from the highest quality aluminum and are manufactured at our facility right here in the USA.

Recommended Tools
Small Flat-Head Screwdrive

The OEM switch buttons do not need to be removed for the installation of the S2T Performance Paddle Shifters.  The switches pictured here are removed to better illustrate the installation process.
#1. Turn the steering wheel 90 degrees left or right from center and locate the factory shifter switch on the rear of the steering wheel.
#2. Using a small flathead screwdriver, insert it between the switch button and outer base of the switch housing near the vertical center hinge poiint on the top or bottom of the assembly.

#3. Carefully pry up and out on the switch and pop off the button.

#4. Remove OEM paddle shifter switch button.

#6. Repeat the process for the remaining side (once installed, your new S2T Paddle Shifters are designed to remain in place and should not be removed frequently due to potential damage caused to the factory plastic switch housing).

Congratulations!  Your new S2T Performance Paddle Shifters are now installed.

Disclaimer: In certain driving situations the S2T Performance Paddle Shifter Extensions may cause interference with the headlamp and windshield washer multi-function levers in some vehicles.  S2T Performance recommends that the headlamp high-beam function and the operation of the windshield washer system should only be used while the steering wheel in its straight upright position.

As with all S2T Performance Products, these paddle shifters are designed for off-road use only and are not intended for street use.  We are not responsible for any damage, injury, and, or any other liabilities caused by improper use or installation of this product.

#5. Holding the S2T Performance Paddle Extension upright, insert the bottom pin of the Paddle first, then carefully insert the entire Paddle where the OEM factory button was installed and snap it in place.  Take special care to make sure that the S2T Paddle Shifter is properly positioned inside the OEM switch housing.  Massage and engage the S2T Paddle Shifter until it operates freely inside the OEM switch housing.

S2T Camaro Paddle Shifter Installation Instructions