Installation Instructions: VW 2006-2014 DSG Paddle Shifters

Thank you for purchasing S2T Performance Paddle Shifters for your vehicle.  We hope you enjoy them and the benefit they add to your driving pleasure as much as we have enjoyed creating them for you.  These paddle shifters are made from the highest quality aluminum and are manufactured at our facility right here in the USA.


Recommended Tools: 
Assorted Flathead Screwdrivers
Needle Nose Pliers
Assorted Torx Drivers
Thin Pick
Assorted wrenches
Mechanics Mirror

Congratulations!  Your new S2T Performance Paddle Shifters are now installed.

Disclaimer: As with all S2T Performance Products, these paddle shifters are designed for off-road use only and are not intended for street use.  We are not responsible for any damage, injury, and, or any other liabilities caused by improper use or installation of this product.

S2T Performance Products Company Installation:

After your purchase, if you don't feel comfortable installing the S2T Performance paddles on your factory VW shifter switches, you may contact us prior to sending  your OEM shifter switches to our facility...and we will perform the modification for you.
S2T Performance Products will mail the completed switches back to you (usually within 5 business days).
S2T offers this courtesy for free! The only expense to you is the cost of shipping both ways.

While you are awaiting return delivery, please remember that your vehicle can be driven without the OEM shifter switches installed in your car.

#1. Disable the supplemental inflatable restraint (airbag) system.  Disconnect the negative battery cable and pull the airbag fuse (refer to factory repair manual). 
#2. Turn steering wheel 90 degrees from center, left or right.  Using a flat head screw driver unlock the airbag retainer securing it in place (using a mechanics mirror will make this much easier).
Repeat process for other side and turn the steering wheel upside down.  Do not disconnect the airbag, it is not necessary. 
#3. Using a torx driver, remove the left and right steering wheel switch to allow access to the shifter switch.
#4. Using a torx driver, remove the OEM shifter switches.
#5. Now for the tricky part.  Using a flat head screw driver, gently pry back the inner and outer tabs locking the pivot pin in place while simultaneously pushing the pin to one side.  Do not break the tabs.  They are necessary for the installation of the S2T Performance Shifters.
#6. Pull the pin out of the switches.  You will notice the outer paddle part of the switch module is still attached.  Carefully open the switch at an angle, rock back and forth, and slide the down the outer paddle until it is free from the hinge on the factory switch module.  Please be patient during this process.  When free, be careful not to misplace the spring that is attached to the outer paddle switch.

#7. Install spring in S2T Performance Paddle Shifters.  Insert hinge side of the S2T Performance Paddle Shifter to the factory switch.
#8. Insert pin through the S2T Performance Paddle Shifter and the factory switches.
#9. Install the S2T Performance Shifters.  Reinstall the steering wheel switches, and airbag.  Lastly, please reconnect the negative battery cable (please check the operation and clearance of your new S2T Performance Paddle Shifters before you reinstall the Airbag and complete the iinstallation).
S2T VW Paddle Shifter Installation Instructions